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This is me...

I live and work in the utopia of the Rocky Mountains. Trained in both New York and Los Angeles, my creativity, experience, and passion for art make me uniquely qualified to handle projects from photography to rebranding, exhibition planning, and building your business. 

Trained in Studio Art with a degree in Photography, I have used my unique creative eye to create a small business, produce and curate exhibitions, and market my own business as well as local non-profits and small businesses. 

When I am not curating or creating, I love to explore my incredible backyard through hiking, biking, and paddleboarding. If not in the gallery, you'll likely find me drawing alone in nature or frequenting our local farmer's market. 


Services & Skills

I bring
visions to life

Adobe Creative Suite | Marketing Campaign Management | MS Office | Social Media, Email and Print Marketing | HTML, CSS | Gallery Management | Graphic Design | Photography | Event Planning | Budgeting | Business Development 

I am incredibly proficient at multi-tasking while creating a positive atmosphere amongst coworkers and clients. I can take your idea and make it great through my technical knowledge and creative intuition. I'm highly adaptable, as change is inevitable, and I am passionate about art! Interested in hiring me? Check out my resume here.

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